Resilience challenge

Superstorm Sandy roared up the Atlantic Coast in late 2012, making landfall not far from Ocean City, NJ. It caused massive damage, including 48 deaths; power outages for over 2 million customers; and cancellation of over 20,000 commercial flights. Superstorm Sandy proved to be the second most costly storm in US history.

Witt O’Brien’s solution

New Jersey partnered with Witt O’Brien’s in the immediate aftermath of Sandy, to assist with its long-term recovery program. This included staffing its disaster recovery operations. Our focus was on partnering with the state and its local communities to develop, document, manage and submit grant applications for funds available under FEMA’s public assistance and hazard mitigation programs.

Resilience delivered

We’ve helped New Jersey execute over 5,400 projects with a value of nearly $3 billion. Our partnership with the state and its local communities has delivered over $1 billion in increased FEMA funding, including more than $400 million in hazard mitigation projects.


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