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Innovators in the maritime and transport industries

Shipping & Transportation

Vessel and transport operators face an ever-increasing range of threats to their operations—and expanding regulations that demand compliance.

We're market leaders in resilience for shipping and transport. We've partnered with over 800 ship owners and managers, supporting more than 11,000 vessels. We've advised rail and onshore logistics providers.

We've managed major emergencies like Deepwater Horizon, T/V Dubai Star, M/V COSCO Busan, M/T Athos I—all the way back to M/T Exxon Valdez. We also manage thousands of smaller incidents each year. We draw on this experience to help you prepare, comply and respond.

What to do when hacker attack your port’s business

Our crises experts walk through a fictional cyber attack and steps ports need to take in a similar situation to ensure business continuity.

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