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Recovery Services for State & Local Governments

Welcome to Witt O'Brien's

Disasters happen. It's a question of when, not if.

Every company and community must be ready to overcome crisis and rebound quickly.

Our mission is to help you do just that. We bring decades of experience managing almost every major disaster in recent history. Everything we do is designed to make you more resilient.

We're the thin line between order and chaos—a trusted partner in your hour of need.


Government Solutions

We're your force-multiplier for making your community more resilient. We deploy in hours to help you manage disasters. Our nationally recognized experts help accelerate your community's recovery.

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Corporate Solutions

We help you prepare for and manage the full range of crises—from cyber attacks to hurricanes. Our expertise draws from years of front-line experience. We help you get the situation under control—and back to business as usual as quickly as possible.

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Markets We Serve

We’ve built resilience in virtually every sector, from government to education, energy, finance, food, healthcare, IT, manufacturing, transportation and more.

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Our Team

We’re battle-tested and resourceful. We understand the mission because we’ve been in your shoes—mitigating risk, managing crisis, directing recovery and improving resilience.

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Our Growth Story

We’ve grown through the strength of our partnership with our clients, proving our worth by building their resilience. Over 35 years, we’ve expanded our capabilities and our services through both organic growth and acquisitions.

About Us
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Resilience Through Diversity Scholarship

Our annual scholarship program is dedicated to students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities and designed to encourage and develop Black leaders with a career interest in resilience: helping communities and businesses prepare for disasters, respond effectively, and recover as quickly as possible.

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Our International Division

Witt O’Brien’s Brasil, located in Rio de Janeiro, specializes in risk assessment and management, environmental management and consulting, and crisis and emergency response. Our dedicated team of experts actively supports clients from all over the world helping them build a more sustainable and resilient future and prepare and respond to all manner of disasters. To learn more about our comprehensive suite of offerings, please visit our site.

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