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Comprehensive Grants Management Services

Navigating the Complex Grants Landscape to Address Community Needs

We help our clients navigate more than 30,000 grants opportunities across 1,700 programs from over 40 Federal agencies. Our team of more than 140 grants professionals delivers a full suite of grants management services—ranging from research and pursuance to compliance and reporting, to systems integration and grants office development.

Additionally, we provide comprehensive support in managing multi-billion-dollar support and safety net programs for state, local, and tribal government agencies. These programs address crucial needs such as housing, food, and income insecurity, proving to be an indispensable resource for those in need.

Research & Pursuance

With over 30,000 grants opportunities spread across 1,700 grants programs and 40+ Federal agencies, navigating Federal grants management can be an immense challenge. Our in-house grants research team tracks grants opportunities pertinent to each client’s areas of interest enabling these state, territorial, tribal, or local government agencies to quickly decision and pursue competitive and compliant grants applications to secure critical funding.

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Training & Technical Assistance

Our team is comprised of over 140 public administration professionals who have directly supported or held positions in Federal departments and agencies. This incredible talent pool enables us to effect impactful training and technical assistance to public entities and funding subrecipients on the intricacies of Federal funding and grants program management. We are focused on elevating the capabilities through the delivery of training, tools and templates that enable Federal, state, territorial, tribal, and local government agencies to effect better program/Federal funds management.

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Program Development

Our team of experts is passionate about creating effective programs that deliver results, and we’re dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals. We pride ourselves on our ability to leverage the latest tools, technologies, and methodologies to develop innovative programs that address complex challenges and deliver measurable outcomes. Our services include program design, needs assessment, stakeholder engagement, resource allocation, program evaluation, and continuous improvement. We use a collaborative approach that involves engaging with stakeholders throughout the program development process to ensure the program is aligned with their needs and expectations.

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Grants Office Development

Witt O’Brien’s specializes in public grants office development and has extensive experience in helping governments and non-profit organizations establish and manage effective grants programs. Our services include grants program design, grant proposal writing, application review, grants management, compliance monitoring, and reporting. We use a collaborative approach that involves engaging with stakeholders throughout the process to ensure the grant program is aligned with their needs and expectations.

We also provide ongoing support to ensure grants programs are implemented effectively and efficiently, and we work closely with our clients to monitor and evaluate program outcomes and make necessary adjustments to optimize performance.

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Monitoring & Compliance

We understand that compliance is critical to the success of any grant program, and failure to comply with regulatory requirements can result in auditory findings, loss of funding, and damage to an organization’s reputation. Our team of experts provides comprehensive grants monitoring and compliance support to ensure our clients’ programs are managed effectively and comply with all regulatory requirements, including 2CFR200 (Uniform Guidance) and any program-specific requirements.

Our services include compliance monitoring, financial management, performance monitoring, reporting, and documentation. We use a collaborative approach that involves engaging with recipients and subrecipients to establish a culture of compliance—providing turnkey tools and templates catered to the program’s specific needs and/or subrecipient’s risk profile.

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Grants Systems Integration

Managing multiple grants programs can be challenging, and integrating grants management systems can help organizations improve their efficiency and effectiveness. However, implementing net new systems across multiple departments and agencies requires highly sensitive business process modification and change management. Witt O’Brien’s grants management professionals have strong relationships with all the major grants management enterprise solution developers and are a preferred system integration provider for these providers. Our services include needs assessment, steering committee coordination, fit gap analysis, business process analysis, data migration, organizational change management, communications strategy development, and overall project management.

CASE STUDY: Streamlining Grant Management for Rhode Island State Agencies
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Support Services Program Management

Our team assists various state and local governments to manage multi-billion-dollar programs from beginning to end, effecting more streamlined management of critical support & safety net programs addressing needs such as housing, food, and income insecurity.

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