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Protecting your reputation through communication

Crisis Communications

Disasters and emergencies rarely occur in a single moment.

In our experience, situations develop, each at their own pace, occasionally escalating, then slowly and unevenly subsiding. Throughout that progression of unpredictable events, you must remain alert to every change, consider its impact, listen—and manage your message.

We’re here to guide you and your communications team—before, during and after a crisis.

An Expanded Global Capability

With the addition of Navigate Response and Navigate PR to our team, we’re able to bring the only fully integrated crisis communications, crisis management and emergency management solutions to the industry.

Specializing in crisis communications and corporate reputation communications services, Navigate serves clients through its offices in Houston, London, and Singapore. In addition, the firm provides global crisis response support through a network of expert crisis counselors in 46 locations in 30 countries around the world.

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Improving Your Response at Every Stage

The ability to manage communications during an emergency is a measure of true resilience. You need reliable information to establish the scale and impact of the crisis. You'll also want to engage with stakeholders to understand their reactions to the situation. We help you understand your audiences and focus your communications effectively at every stage.

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Not a Convincing Communicator?

Even if you’re unsure how commanding you can be, we have the experts who can help. We model crisis events and help you prioritize actions, engagements and tactics. Every plan is customized to your business, your audiences and the relevant media. We work in partnership, giving advice on the response strategy and helping you craft clear, confident communications that accurately convey your message.

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Providing Real Time, On-Site Support

Poorly executed communications can ruin or severely damage a company's reputation and we will work with you before, during, and after an event to management and adapt communications as a crisis evolves.

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