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Updated guidance on the CARES Act Coronavirus Relief Fund for state and local governments was published on April 24th


Experience is vital when you’re responsible for your community's safety and welfare.

Local and state governments have a unique responsibility for the safety and well-being of their communities. As our nation deals with the COVID-19 pandemic, we understand that you are on the front lines keeping your communities safe. However, COVID-19 will undoubtedly leave long-term economic scars. To aid in your community’s economic recovery, our team can help you navigate the CARES Act Coronavirus Relief Fund and other resources to maximize Federal assistance.

Witt O’Brien’s experts have secured Federal reimbursement related to nearly every major natural disaster in the US since 2001. Our experts can assist your local and state government with navigating various Federal funding opportunities, applying for assistance, evaluating eligibility for incurred or future cost, and with securing critical reimbursements to mitigate strain on your community’s finances.

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COVID-19 Government Restrictions Map

Witt O'Brien's is continually researching and refreshing current data regarding school closures, non-essential business closures, and shelter-in-place (stay-at-home, curfew, etc.) orders related to COVID-19.

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