Resilience challenge

In late 2016, Hurricane Matthew hit southern Florida and skirted up the Atlantic coast. While the resulting damage was substantially less than initially feared, some coastal communities were hard hit.

Witt O’Brien’s solution

Many of the impacted communities had prepared effectively for this type of disaster, by setting up “stand-by” response contracts with Witt O’Brien’s. On this basis, our team was able to deploy immediately and assist with debris management – a key initial focus for local authorities. We were then able to advise local governments on how to maximize the effectiveness of their FEMA-funded recovery efforts.

Resilience delivered

Our response teams – already active on 4 live events — deployed simultaneously to an additional 14 communities, and surged from 180 to over 1,000 responders. We helped our partner communities manage over $41 million in debris removal costs. Once the initial response effort was complete, we helped 9 local governments obtain and administer over $38 million in FEMA disaster recovery funding.


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