Our 6th Annual Compliance Workshop took place on November 17. Although this year's workshop took the form of a virtual webinar due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are excited to announce we had record-breaking participation. The workshop featured key national program representatives, including a Region 6 Inspector from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) discussing Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plan and Facility Response Plan (FRP) regulations.

This workshop's intent was to afford companies that have an established national foothold or those struggling with compliance issues related the ability to engage with key players who oversee the SPCC and FRP programs on a national basis.

A tremendous amount of valuable information was shared throughout the day and we thank our presenters for their time and insight. Our presenters included:

  • Mark Howard, USEPA OEM/RID Oil Program, SPCC Program Headquarters Program Owner Bio
  • Troy Swackhammer, USEPA OEM/RID Oil Program, FRP Program Headquarters Program Owner Bio
  • Chris Perry, USEPA Region 6 Oil Program, FRP/SPCC Inspector Bio


  • SPCC Presentation: Mark Howard and Chris Perry
  • Regional SPCC Expectations and Common Fines: Chris Perry
  • FRP Presentation: Troy Swackhammer
  • Regional FRP Expectations: Chris Perry


Copies of the Compliance Workshop presentations are included below.

Workshop Opening

SPCC Presentation(Due to security restrictions, please email John Carroll to request a copy of this presentation.)

Regional Expectations

FRP Overview and Applicability

FRP Required Content

FRP Inspections and GIUEs

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John is a compliance subject matter expert whose vast industry experience (Valero, ExxonMobil, Shell, Holly, Kinder Morgan, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, NuStar Energy, Philips 66, NRG, Entergy, Enterprise, Cemex, Conagra to name only a few) and deep technical knowledge make him indispensable. For environmental/regulatory compliance planning, development, training, QA/QC and auditing he is an industry authority with 20 years of experience as a consultant.

With such skills and leadership expertise, John aids all kinds of industry in various sectors and government clients who must comply with increasingly stringent environmental/regulatory regulations. He also works as an intermediary with enforcement agencies guiding clients through compliance and helping to resolve violations.

John leads Witt O’Brien’s in-house permitting and compliance planning programs, including training, development and final deliverables. He also manages our soil, air and water monitoring and testing programs.