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Public Advisory Services

Empowering Governmental Bodies with Strategic Insights and Transformative Solutions

In the face of unprecedented labor shortages within the US public sector, leadership across all levels of government are compelled to rethink conventional constituent support models. More than ever, leaner, more efficient teams and the strategic application of technology to streamline traditionally manual processes is the call of the hour. In response to these pressing challenges, Witt O'Brien's Public Advisory Services are here to provide expert support. From decision support services, program management, public-private partnership facilitation, change management, public sector augmentation, citizen experience consultation, to public policy analysis, we offer a comprehensive suite of solutions to guide your organization through this period of change. Trust in Witt O'Brien's expertise to empower your public sector organization in an evolving landscape.

Decision Support Services

The US public sector is facing a historic labor shortage due to employees’ retirement and outmigration to the private sector. As a result, organizational leaders across the country are having to make important alterations to the conventional constituent support model, creating leaner and more efficient teams and leveraging technology where possible to further streamline conventionally manual processes. Witt O'Brien's decision support services are specifically geared towards addressing these and other critical issues facing the public sector, helping government organizations make informed, data-driven decisions that drive results. This includes program and service evaluation, risk management, supply chain optimization, technology evaluation and enablement, and more.

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Support Services Program Management

Our team assists various state and local governments in managing multi-billion-dollar programs from beginning to end, effecting more streamlined management of critical support & safety net programs addressing needs such as housing, food, and income insecurity. From direct delivery to portfolio and performance management of coordinating/implementing stakeholders (such as Community Action Partner networks), our team helps State and Local leaders elevate the delivery standard of support & safety net programs.

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Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs)

Navigating the intricate landscape of large-scale public projects requires a level of expertise that bridges the gap between public duty and private sector efficiency. At Witt O’Brien’s, we specialize in creating, connecting, and managing PPPs. Our role goes beyond mere facilitation; we immerse ourselves in project management, ensuring the seamless coordination of these strategic alliances. We bring to the table an understanding of both public objectives and private sector innovation and capital, which enables us to drive the successful execution of complex infrastructure projects. Our contribution ensures that public entities not only achieve their socio-economic goals but also provide enhanced services to the community, all while maintaining efficiency, compliance, and cost-effectiveness.

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Change Management

In an ever-evolving world, the ability to adapt is crucial. Witt O’Brien’s offers a dedicated Change Management service to help public sector entities navigate shifts and transitions. Whether it’s gap analysis, the adoption of new policies and procedures, integration of innovative IT solutions, or guiding organizational restructuring, we provide the support to ensure seamless transitions. We view change not as a challenge, but as a vital opportunity for growth and evolution. Our team helps to align stakeholders, manage resistance, and cultivate a change-ready culture. We believe that with the right approach, change can be a catalyst for innovation and progress, taking your organization into a future of greater resilience and capability.

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Public Sector Augmentation Services

In a landscape of evolving needs and emerging challenges, Witt O’Brien’s provides specialized augmentation services to bolster the capabilities of public sector entities. Our proficiency in grants management is unmatched in the consulting sector. From managing complex Broadband plan developments to operationalizing Emergency Rental Assistance Programs (ERAPs), Homeowner Assistance Fund (HAF) programs and more, we provide comprehensive support to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of public programs. Our team's exceptional work has been recognized and endorsed through our strategic partnerships with Bloomberg, the National League of Cities, and serving as expert witnesses at U.S. Senate Committee hearings. Our aim is to supplement your organization’s strengths, enhancing your ability to serve communities and deliver essential programs seamlessly and efficiently. Trust us to be the backbone of support when it matters the most.

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Citizen Experience Consultation

At the heart of all public sector activity lies the ultimate beneficiary—the citizen. At Witt O’Brien’s, we recognize this and prioritize enhancing the citizen experience in all our consulting efforts. We use a people-first approach, focusing on understanding the priorities, aspirations, and pain points of citizens to inform our strategies and solutions. We believe that an enhanced citizen experience can drive public engagement, foster trust in government services, and ultimately lead to better outcomes for all stakeholders. Through our Citizen Experience Consultation services, we help governments redesign services, streamline processes, and leverage technology in ways that put citizens at the center of public services, thereby transforming their interactions with government.

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Public Policy Analysis

Our policy experts offer a deep, insightful exploration of state and local government policies, helping our clients understand and respond effectively to the ever-changing policy landscape. We conduct rigorous analysis of existing and proposed policies, evaluating their implications on various sectors and demographics. By combining data-driven research with our extensive knowledge of government operations, we provide our clients with actionable insights to influence policy development and implementation. We also assess the potential impact of these policies on public sentiment, budget allocation, and strategic planning. Our work empowers clients to make informed decisions, adopt best practices, and implement policies that genuinely serve their community’s best interests.

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