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Protect your community & speed post-event recovery

Planning & Assessments

Emergency preparedness is built on planning to coordinate and communicate successfully during and after an emergency.

We combine your knowledge with our field experience in response and recovery to design plans, policies, protocols and procedures to help you deal with every kind of emergency.

Together we create straightforward and effective plans, backed up with practical tools—giving you the ability to act decisively when it counts.

Custom-Fit to You and Your Needs

Your plan needs to work for you, whether for emergency operations, business continuity, community disaster recovery or financial cost recovery. Our planning is always tailored to the specifics of your team. We help you decide where authority and responsibility should lie, frame how operations should be coordinated and communicated, and ensure that the details reflect who you are as an organization.

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Turning Experience Into Improvement

No one wants to face a real test of their emergency preparedness. But when it does happen, you have a rare opportunity. We can help you increase your resilience for the future by objectively assessing your organization’s performance and recommending how to build on strengths and improve where capabilities fall short. Our after-action reports and performance assessments drive big improvements in your overall resilience.

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Ready to Respond

Even though we're one of the largest and most in-demand crisis specialists, our team takes a "boutique" approach to your needs. We’ll help improve your response to every crisis, from high-impact emergencies like campus shootings or hurricanes, to other disruptions like ice storms or extended power outages.

Planning and assessments 3 960x447
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Let Us Help You

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