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Our experts offer decades of emergency planning expertise

Developing an all-hazards approach for our clients


When the next hurricane, wildfire, or tornado hits, will you be ready to respond? Ice storm, power outage, or shooting? Have you adapted your plans for COVID-19?

Our preparedness team brings decades of expertise in emergency planning, supported by deep knowledge of program assessment, training and exercise, and project management.

As part of a full-service emergency management firm, we have ready access to experts in all aspects of response, recovery, mitigation, and preparedness.

What Readiness Requires

Emergency preparedness turns on simple questions: When things go wrong, does your organization know who is responsible for what, what resources are needed, and how you will communicate? But achieving and documenting that level of readiness is not easy. It requires actual operational experience, subject-matter expertise, facilitation skills, skilled writing and editing, understanding of current best practice, robust project management, and problem-solving skills. That’s what we bring.

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Custom-Fit to Your Needs

Your plans need to work for you, whether they are for mitigation, emergency operations, continuity of operations, community disaster recovery, or financial cost recovery. Our planning is always tailored to the specifics of your community. We help you determine how decision-making should function, frame how operations should be coordinated and communicated, and ensure all the details reflect who you are as an organization.

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Turning Experience into Improvement

We combine your knowledge and capabilities with our field experience in disaster response, recovery, and mitigation to design plans, policies, protocols, and procedures that will improve your performance in every kind of emergency. Together we create straightforward and effective plans, backed up with practical tools—giving you the ability to act decisively when it counts.

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Results through Hazard Mitigation

Our mitigation planning experts are skilled at navigating the planning process and available funding programs. And we know project implementation in the field, both pre- and post-disaster. We identify, profile, and prioritize your community’s hazards. We assess and quantify hazard risks, and we identify practical, fundable solutions that reduce vulnerability and increase community resilience.

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Planning Services Available

We stand ready to deliver any of the following:

  • Comprehensive Emergency Management Plans (CEMPs) / Emergency Operations Plans (EOPs)
  • Continuity of Operations Plans/ Continuity of Government Plans / Business Continuity Plans
  • Disaster Recovery Plans
  • EOC procedures
  • At-risk populations (including ADA/Access and Functional Needs) integration across plans/ annexes
  • Hazard Mitigation Plans (state, local, tribal, regional/multi-jurisdictional, and higher education)
  • Threat/Hazard Identification and Risk Assessments (THIRA)
  • Response Functional Plans and Annexes
    • Sheltering
    • Mass care
    • Evacuation
    • Volunteer Management
    • Donations Management
    • Local Assistance Center (LAC)/ Disaster Recovery Center (DRC)
    • Commodities Procurement, Warehousing, and Point-of-Distribution (CPOD)
    • Crisis Communications
  • Recovery Functional Plans and Annexes
    • Financial Cost Recovery
    • Debris Management
    • Damage Assessment
    • Post-Disaster Housing
    • Community and Economic Recovery
  • Health and Medical Plans and Annexes
    • Healthcare Surge
    • Healthcare Standards of Care
  • Hazard-Specific Plans and Annexes
    • Pandemic Disease
    • Severe Weather
    • Utility Outage and Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS)
    • Drought and Climate Change
    • Flood Response
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