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Challenging conventional approaches to get the assistance your community needs

FEMA Recovery Assistance Programs

FEMA grants provide valuable recovery funding. But maximizing these grants and navigating their complex requirements can be a major challenge.

That's where we come in. No one understands FEMA's recovery programs better than we do. We use that experience to challenge convention and maximize your community's recovery funding.

Applying Intelligence to Maximize Funding

Our team includes former FEMA and government leaders with proven experience. We help you design strategies that integrate federal funding applications with insurance and local resources to maximize your recovery budget. Working across all ten FEMA regions, we’ve helped design, fund and implement over 80,000 projects valued in excess of $50 billion.

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By Your Side Throughout the Process

We help you maximize funding and implement projects that create lasting benefits for your community. We provide grant management advice and assistance with documentation, from initial damage assessment through to project close-out.

We partner with you to the extent you need. That often means significant support in the early stages of recovery, when local resources are stretched. We can then scale down and transfer knowledge to your in-house staff, enhancing their qualifications and making you more ready for the next disaster.

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