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Emergency Preparedness

Comprehensive, Tailored Solutions for Effective Disaster and Emergency Management

At Witt O’Brien’s we provide State, Local, Tribal, and Territorial government agencies with a comprehensive suite of preparedness services designed to address all facets of emergency management. Our offerings span from operational planning—where we work alongside you to develop all-encompassing emergency strategies unique to your community—to training design & delivery, offering tailored programs to equip your team with the required knowledge for emergencies. Our exercise design & delivery ensures the practical application and evaluation of these plans. Furthermore, we promote community engagement, recognizing the importance of every individual’s role in emergency readiness. Our programmatic assessments provide an in-depth analysis of your existing plans to enhance their efficacy. Lastly, our recovery planning focuses on pre- and post-disaster strategizing based on FEMA’s six recovery support functions. Our integrated services work synergistically to provide your community with a roadmap to resilience and preparedness.

Operational Planning

Our specialized team collaborates with you in the construction of meticulous emergency strategies, tailored specifically to your community’s distinctive risks and requirements. These strategies extend to every aspect of emergency management—mitigation, preparation, response, and recovery—in line with FEMA’s operational planning guidelines. We aim to secure your community with robust readiness for any potential disasters.

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Training Design & Delivery

We provide specialized and tailored training programs to equip your team with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively respond to emergencies. Our training delivery methods are flexible—including in-person, online, and hybrid models—and are designed to maximize participant learning and engagement.

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Exercise Design & Delivery

Our exercise programs are designed to test and validate your emergency plans, providing a safe environment to identify areas for improvement. We deliver tabletop exercises, drills, and full-scale exercises that mimic real-world events—helping your team to better understand their roles and responsibilities during an emergency.

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Community Engagement

Our hard-earned experience has taught us that successful emergency management requires the active participation of the whole community. We facilitate engagement through public meetings, workshops, and awareness campaigns, ensuring that every individual understands their role in emergency preparedness.

Case Study: St. Louis Vaccination Sites
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Programmatic Assessments

Our experts conduct thorough assessments of your current emergency management programs, identifying strengths and areas for improvement. These assessments provide valuable insights that guide the enhancement of your emergency preparedness, response, and management program. Built upon best practices, federal and state doctrine, and decades of experience, our gap analyses and actionable improvements support your programmatic development and enhancements.

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Recovery Planning

Steady-state and post-disaster planning focused on FEMA’s 6 recovery support functions: Economic, Community Assistance, Housing Recovery, Health & Social Services, Infrastructure Systems, and Natural & Cultural Resources. Our experts have helped dozens of communities develop comprehensive long-term recovery plans, providing a roadmap to comprehensive recovery and lasting resiliency in impacted communities.

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