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Comprehensive Disaster Management Solutions

Strengthening Communities with Customized, End-to-End Disaster Recovery Support

In an increasingly unpredictable world, Witt O’Brien’s serves as a partner to government agencies at all levels, providing a comprehensive suite of disaster recovery solutions. Our mission is to transform the challenge of disaster recovery into an opportunity for growth, resilience, and fortification. Harnessing the power of our expertise in program management, FEMA public assistance, FEMA IA/disaster case management, temporary housing and sheltering, and HUD CDBG-DR programs, we guide communities through the labyrinth of disaster recovery. We strive to leverage adversity to build stronger, more adaptable communities. Our team—comprised of former FEMA senior officials and disaster recovery experts—has a proven track record in securing vital resources and delivering holistic recovery strategies. At Witt O’Brien’s, we’re not just committed to restoring communities to where they were pre-disaster; we want to build communities back safer, stronger, and more resilient for tomorrow.

Program Management

Disaster recovery is a complex process, compounded by the myriad of available funding sources from federal, state, local and private institutions. At Witt O’Brien’s our disaster-focused program managers guide impacted communities through this labyrinth with the development of a centralized recovery Project Management Office (PMO), providing holistic management of all components in the recovery process.

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FEMA Public Assistance

Since its inception, Witt O’Brien’s has been a trusted guide for disaster-impacted communities seeking maximum FEMA public assistance reimbursements. Our team is comprised of former FEMA senior officials who have helped our clients secure over $60 billion in FEMA public assistance funding over the past 20 years. We are a full lifecycle provider helping states, local government agencies, tribal communities, territorial governments, and private non-profits to seek, obtain, and manage FEMA public assistance funding.

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FEMA IA / Disaster Case Management

Witt O’Brien’s Disaster Case Management (DCM) services are designed to help disaster survivors navigate the complex, often overwhelming recovery process by providing assistance with a wide range of needs—including housing, employment, healthcare, and mental health services. Our turnkey solutions ensure disaster survivors receive the support they need to recover and rebuild their lives in a timely and effective manner.

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Temporary Housing & Sheltering

Assisting residents with secure emergency and temporary housing solutions immediately after a disaster event is a mission-critical function of both near-term and long-term community recovery. Witt O’Brien’s supports both Transitional Sheltering Assistance (TSA) programs—designed to provide temporary housing options for impacted residents—and temporary housing repair programs such as FEMA’s Sheltering & Temporary Essential Power (STEP) program.

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HUD CDBG-DR Programs

Since its creation in 1992 after Hurricane Andrew, HUD’s Community Development Block Grant-Disaster Recovery program has leveraged over $60.4 billion in congressionally appropriated aid to support a variety of projects—such as rebuilding homes and businesses, repairing infrastructure, and implementing mitigation measures to reduce the risk of future disasters. WOB’s experts have supported disaster-impacted communities with implementing all aspects of the CDBG-DR program including needs assessments, action plan development, program design and implementation, FEMA cost-share program design and management, quarterly performance reporting, subrecipient management and monitoring, DRGR and financial management support, and closeout activities.

CASE STUDY: USVI Leverages Our Firm’s Disaster Recovery Specialists For CDBG-DR Action Plan & Funding Expertise
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