Debris Management & Monitoring

Our Experience Matters

As your debris monitoring partner, we manage, oversee, and document the entire disaster debris removal process. We ensure strict adherence to the dynamic and ever-evolving regulatory landscape and work tirelessly to ensure maximum reimbursement of FEMA Category A-related costs to help your communities recover faster.

To date, we have completed well over 130 projects in more than 125 counties and states representing $433 million in reimbursed Category A FEMA funds. In this time, we have monitored nearly 50 million cubic yards of debris, or the rough equivalent of 25 million truck loads. Our firm currently holds more than 70 stand-by debris monitoring contracts where we work hand in hand with our local clients, state-wide emergency and environmental agencies, and FEMA to ensure rapid and efficient crisis response and disaster management.

Program Expertise Maximizes Funding

Our team brings decades of experience helping communities maximize federal funding settlements and exceeding reporting requirements. The insight and lived experience we bring strengthens your funding applications, speeds action and recovery on the ground, and ensures compliance with complex eligibility and reimbursement regulations.

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Capacity to Respond

Our forward staffing model ensures resources are available when and where needed. We maintain a robust cadre of 135 supervisory staff and an expansive network of more than 700 trained and vetted monitors allowing us to meet clients’ needs during any size operation, including multiple, simultaneous activations.

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Deep Operational Know-How

Our team has assisted clients at every level of government through the most difficult and complex disaster debris scenarios. We are subject matter and compliance experts in both right-of-way and private property debris removal (PPDR) operations including the rigorous environmental, endangered species, historic preservation, and permitting processes that are often required. Leaders on our team are certified, federal trainers on PPDR activities, and have even written national policy and guidelines on the subject.

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24-Hour Command Center

With a nationwide, full-time team of debris specialists, we’re ready to respond on a moment's notice. We’re the only emergency management firm with a 24-hour operations center, providing immediate support for your communities.

24/7 Response
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