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Integrate COVID-19 Containment Measures into Debris Removal Plans & Operations

We expedite disaster recovery while incorporating COVID-19-specific procedures to keep staff and the community safe.

Debris Management & Consulting

Major disasters almost always create massive quantities of debris. Restoration of basic services and infrastructure can't happen until it's been cleared.

Our approach to debris monitoring has continuously evolved with our experience, which includes completion of well over one hundred projects, totaling more than $375 million in hauling costs. During the hurricane seasons from 2017 to 2019, we completed more than 50 debris monitoring projects at the town, county and state levels, with hauling costs ranging from just $14,000 to more than $16 million. For these projects, we monitored a total of 11.7 million cubic yards of debris. 

Our firm currently holds more than 60 debris monitoring contracts, all of which involve cooperation and collaboration with our local clients, state-wide emergency and environmental agencies and FEMA.

Minimize COVID-19 Impact on Debris Removal

We reduce risk by incorporating COVID-19 containment measures within your debris removal plan.

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Program Expertise Maximizes Funding

Our team brings years of experience helping communities negotiate federal funding and meet reporting requirements. The insight we bring strengthens your funding applications, speeds action on the ground and ensures compliance with complex regulations.

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24-Hour Command Center

With a nationwide, full-time team of debris specialists, we’re ready to respond on a moment's notice. We’re the only emergency management firm with a 24-hour operations center, providing immediate support for your communities.

24/7 Response
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