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Maximizing federal funding, accelerating program implementation

There’s a wide range of federal funding that can be used to build community resilience.  However, each agency has its own mission and goals, and each funding stream has its own set of uses, eligibility requirements, and limitations. Our grant specialists can help you navigate this complexity and maximize your funding through an expert combination of multiple programs.   

We also specialize in strategic design of community programs and support complex implementations. Our team includes seasoned project managers and a large network of on-call specialists capable of supporting your community development efforts and helping you address its unique and critical needs.  

As experts in grants management and compliance, we ensure client programs adhere to the stringent regulatory environment governing these mission-critical funding streams.  

Community Development

From HUD’s Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) to HOME, ESG, SSBG, CCDBG, and EDA funding streams., we’ve designed and implemented community programs from King County, Washington to the US Virgin Islands. Our experts help state and local governments leverage the broad flexibility offered by CDBG programs with unmet needs analyses, action plans, intended use plans, and compliance in IDIS, DRGR, GovSolutions, and other federal reporting systems.

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Housing Assistance, Emergency Rental Relief, Homeowners Assistance Fund

We have deep and specialized expertise in critical housing programs, including the Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) and the Homeowners Assistance Fund (HAF). We are currently working with state housing financing corporations nationwide to design and implement new programs, or accelerate existing initiatives, while ensuring compliance with program rules and deadlines. With more than $50 billion in Treasury funds available, learn how we can support your community and address its most critical housing needs.

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Centralized Grants Management

The unprecedented surge in federal dollars across multiple sources has created a complex landscape for state and local governments. We help clients implement centralized grants management systems to enhance grant optimization and streamline program delivery. Key components of our proven approach include:

  • Communication & Constituent Engagement
  • Needs Analysis & Program Selection
  • Budget Development
  • Procurement
  • Technology & Solution Enablement
  • Key Performance Indicators and Metric Tracking
  • Fiscal & Internal Controls
  • Funding Optimization & Program Delivery
  • Cross-Agency Stakeholder Engagement
  • Audit & Compliance
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A Full Range of Federal Program Support

We also support our clients with a range of federal ad-hoc legislative appropriations and programs that enable transformative opportunities for state and local governments, including:

  • CARES Act-allocated Coronavirus Relief Fund strategy development and compliant implementation
  • ARPA-allocated State and Local Fiscal Recovery Fund
  • ARPA Capital Projects Fund
  • Infrastructure Improvement and Jobs Act-allocated programs, including broadband initiatives
  • Build Back Better Economic Development Competitive Grant Programs administered by the EDA
  • Multi-jurisdiction regional planning
  • Affordable housing development and housing trust fund creation, deployment, and implementation
  • Equity framework development and integration into new and existing programs and initiatives
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Our team includes over 400 specialists supporting COVID-19 and other federally-funded assistance programs. Contact us to learn more about our community resilience solutions.

Our team includes over 400 specialists supporting COVID-19 and other federally-funded assistance programs. Contact us to learn more about our community resilience solutions.

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