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Helping our Clients Understand & Manage Risk

Evaluating threats that are specific to your organization and environment


Your response to a real-world emergency is the best test of your plans, training, and capabilities. Our goal is to help you get it right.

Take advantage of the opportunity to learn from your own experience. Capture what you did well and improve gaps in management, decision-making, and operational coordination.

Our interim- and after-action reports and performance assessments have been driving big improvements in our clients’ resilience since 2003.

Broad Background, Custom Results

We have delivered after-action assessments on COVID-19, wildland fires, hurricanes, active shooters, oil spills, structural fires, ice storms, performance-venue disasters, utility failures, and more; we have worked with localities, states, universities, and private companies. We understand the common themes of all-hazards emergency management, even as we tease out the specific nuances of each particular response and unique client.

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Leveraging Your Strengths to Enhance Performance

Our experts talk to responders and stakeholders, sift through data and documents, and organize the fog of an actual emergency into a coherent, intelligible structure. We elicit problems and drill down to the root causes, while maintaining a collegial, improvement-oriented approach and tenor. And we identify fundamental, effective improvements that build on your existing strengths to enhance future responses.

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Performance and Organizational Reviews

Your managers are constantly assessing performance and organizational effectiveness, but sometimes it takes an independent third party with a fresh set of eyes to identify the most meaningful and essential improvements. Especially during moments of transition or crisis, we support clients in streamlining processes, reshaping program delivery, and reorganizing or right-sizing operational structures.

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