Articles & Insights Feb 12 2020

Our redesigned brand identity and website offer visitors richer insight into the Company’s comprehensive crisis and emergency management services and best-in-class team.

What’s New?

While our name remains the same, our new brand identity, logo and website have changed significantly -- bringing added value to clients through fresh insights and an easy way to connect with our experts.

Our new brand identity is designed to evoke resilience, heroism and strength -- but also compassion, effectiveness and partnership. We’re tough, battle-scarred and empathetic, and bring hard-won experience to help our clients in their hour of need.

Our new logo is bold, clear and distinctive. Our company name is in strong block letters, balanced around the central letter ‘O’ – which is styled to suggest a compass (for direction) or an axis of the globe (for worldwide events).

The redesigned website features easy to navigate pages and updated, simplified messaging. The visual design more clearly showcases the solutions we offer, our experience and our talented team.

What’s Next?

We are not done! We will continue to add insights on our solutions, and enhance functionality, navigation, and other features of our website over the coming weeks.

We would love to chat with you to share more about the exciting evolution that is occuring at Witt O'Brien's and how we can help you and your organization or community with their resilience needs. Reach out at contact@wittobriens.com and we'll get you in touch with one of our advisors.