Witt O’Brien’s Stands Ready to Assist Those Impacted by Hurricane Dorian in the Caribbean and Southeastern U.S.

Press Releases Aug 29 2019

WASHINGTON, Aug. 29, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Witt O’Brien’s LLC (Witt O’Brien’s), a subsidiary of SEACOR Holdings Inc. (NYSE: CKH) (“SEACOR”), is on high alert and stands ready to assist our public and private sector clients affected by Hurricane Dorian throughout the Caribbean and Southeastern U.S. Our response and recovery experts are forward deployed to our staging areas and we are actively providing our existing clients with pre-landfall planning, staff augmentation, and immediate response services. We continue to monitor ongoing weather developments and are prepared to deploy additional resources as quickly and efficiently as needed.


Witt O'Brien's experts have supported response and recovery efforts following every major natural disaster over the past two decades. We are a wholly-owned subsidiary of SEACOR, a globally recognized leader in transportation and logistics, which includes dedicated support for the Caribbean. Through this relationship, Witt O'Brien's brings the strength of SEACOR’s combined resources to its storm recovery and disaster support efforts. Learn more about what we’re doing to prepare and help our clients impacted by Hurricane Dorian on our website at www.wittobriens.com/hurricane-dorian-assistance/.

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About Witt O'Brien's

Witt O’Brien’s is the world leader in crisis and emergency management. We help protect our clients by preparing for all manner of business disruption. But we’re not just desk-bound consultants. If disaster does strike, we deploy in a matter of hours -- to help you manage live emergencies in the field, and then to recover as quickly as possible. With decades of front-line experience in both the public and private sectors, we are your force-multiplier for containing the crises that can put you out of business. To learn more about our real-world experience and innovative solutions, please visit us at wittobriens.com. Witt O’Brien’s is a subsidiary of SEACOR Holdings Inc.

SEACOR Holdings Inc. is a diversified holding company with interests in domestic and international transportation and logistics, crisis and emergency management, and clean fuel and power solutions. SEACOR is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol CKH.

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