Tammy Knox

Tammy Knox

Senior Planning/Training Specialist, Readiness & Resilience

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Tammy brings more than 20 years of disaster preparedness, emergency planning, response, and disaster recovery experience. Tammy designs, develops, and conducts Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) compliant training and exercises nationwide. She leads teams tasked with developing an extensive range of emergency programs and provides expert technical analysis and recommendations.

During her work in the private sector, Tammy created and delivered large-scale training and exercise/events for diverse market segments and developed and conducted full-scale exercises with over 500 participants. Over the course of her career, Tammy has served as a Project Manager, Senior Planner, Exercise Director, Lead Controller, Lead Trainer, and Technical Lead for over 25 projects. Most recently, Tammy’s role was the Resiliency Manager at the University of Washington. In this position, she oversaw complex IT incidents in the role of the Duty Manager and Incident Commander. She was also the Service Manager for the UW Alert System and a key member of the Crisis Communications Team.

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