Perry Rhodes, PE

Perry Rhodes, PE

Associate Managing Director

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Perry comes to Witt O'Brien's with a wealth of experience having served as a consultant to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for over four decades. While working on the Public Assistance Technical Assistance Contracts (PA TACs), he held the titles of senior manager, program advisor, and technical specialist on ten contracts. He was responsible for all aspects the contracts, including personnel, performance, quality, tracking, budgets, reporting, and client relations for more than 1,000 task order assignments in nearly every U.S. state and territory.

In addition, Perry provided direct management or technical support a total of 123 declared disasters resulting from hurricanes, flooding, winter storms, earthquakes, urban fires, and explosions. Furthermore, he provided management and technical support to other FEMA groups including Mitigation, Individual Assistance, and Field Operations.

Perry worked as a coastal engineer for both FEMA’s Public Assistance (PA) Program and the National Flood Insurance program (NFIP). He conducted PA damage assessments in 17 states for 45 coastal storms, and developed coastal risk analyses for over 200 communities that led to more resilient building requirements. He also provided technical support for the development of coastal policies and procedures for these national programs, including the PA funding eligibility criteria for sand replacement, and the NFIP regulatory definitions of 100-year erosion (540 ft2) and Primary Frontal Dune.

At Witt O’Brien’s, Perry manages our firm's PA TAC subcontract efforts while providing management and technical support to our state PA contracts.

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