Matt Herlocker, CEM, CBCP, M.Ed

Matt Herlocker, CEM, CBCP, M.Ed

Associate Managing Director

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Matt is used to being first on the scene of a disaster. With more than 30 years devoted to helping people respond to and recover from emergency situations, he is a Certified Emergency Manager who understands how to react.

Matt offers vast experience as an emergency management consultant, supporting projects involving disaster response, disaster recovery policy guidance, and emergency planning that included six catastrophic planning projects. He is responsible for emergency preparedness and recovery projects in California.

Matt has responded to nearly 20 federal disasters across the country involving a variety hazards. In addition, he has written numerous emergency plans, developed and managed exercises, and responded to emergencies and disasters in the field and in the emergency operations center.

Matt is a subject matter expert on operational resilience solutions around the country involving ISO-compliant planning and procedures uniting risk management, business continuit, and disaster recovery. He has led organizational change, developed interagency/interdisciplinary teams, and shaped state and national emergency plans and disaster assistance policies and procedures. Notably, after Hurricanes Irma and Maria, he supported the central government of Puerto Rico, where he led a 100+-member team providing grants management and program policy application and implementation.

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