Margie Waddock

Margie Waddock

Director, Talent Acquisition

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Margie offers more than two decades of human resources and talent acquisition experience working within a number of industries, and has worked for Fortune 200 companies. At Witt O'Brien's, she leads a number of efforts, including on-call recruiting capacity, debris staffing project management and business delivery project management.

On a day-to-day basis, Margie manages the recruitment staff in support of project staffing and overall business growth. She strives to provide innovative solutions to the business to help deliver staffing quotas, highly-technical resourcing needs and ongoing business support efforts.

In addition, Margie provides market intelligence, workforce planning and staffing delivery expectations, while adhering to recruiting compliance efforts and supporting our firm's Affirmative Action Plan. She works closely with our company's leadership to form and develop ongoing talent delivery strategies.

Her personal and professional values align with that of our company's – to give back in support of rebuilding communities and providing assistance to the underserved. Her overarching passion is to match best-in-class talent with organizational needs.

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