Jonathan Hoyes, MBA

Jonathan Hoyes, MBA

Senior Managing Director

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Jonathan serves as our Senior Managing Director, Government Solutions, and brings with him over thirty years of public service and private sector experience in Emergency and Risk Management. He has a proven track record of executive leadership, delivering outcome-driven approaches, providing strategic advisory services, and successfully leading complex organizations.

His leadership responsibilities as a career member of the federal government’s Senior Executive Service (SES) include being the Accountable Executive for one of the nation’s largest infrastructure and community assistance programs grant programs. As the Lead Federal Official and Federal Disaster Recovery Coordinator (FDRC) in Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands in 2019, Jonathan coordinated federal recovery assistance for events estimated at almost $100 Billion.

During his tenure as Public Assistance Division Director for DHS-FEMA, Jonathan oversaw a complete redesign of the program, grants management systems, delivery model, and policies. As an architect of new national doctrine for recovery, he supported the empowerment of states and communities in defining and driving their own recovery efforts while improving the efficiency and effectiveness of federal support.

In the Private Sector, Jonathan has excelled at translating his experience into improved outcomes for clients by incorporating technology and innovation into client solutions, and cultivating trusted client relationships.

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