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Multiplying funding sources and strengthening execution

Other US Recovery Program Funding

Most people know about FEMA. Some know about HUD. Very few understand the full range of other federal disaster programs, from the Departments of Interior, Transportation, Energy and Commerce to the US Army Corps of Engineers and others.

We help you design and implement recovery strategies that weave these funding sources together, avoiding duplication of benefits and other pitfalls. Which means more support for your community and a quicker recovery.

Disaster Management, Worldwide

Our experience is truly worldwide, covering the Caribbean, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

We've designed national emergency management frameworks, supported emergency response and led long-term recovery. Each of these experiences makes our team stronger—and we share these insights with you.

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Effective Management = Quicker Recovery

Recovery efforts can stall without disciplined execution. We drew on decades of experience to implement a Project Management Office (PMO), which we use to support our own team as well as our clients' recovery programs.

The result? A well-implemented PMO gives you a detailed picture of both the overall program and individual projects. This allows you to schedule, prioritize, track, budget and manage more effectively.

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Technology Can Make All the Difference

Our 24/7 command center mobilizes a range of technologies to manage disasters, aid communications and strengthen recovery efforts.

While our ground response is impressive, we also take to the air and provide real-time data. Drone technology and geographic information systems (GIS) capabilities help identify and cluster damaged housing and infrastructure to inform the strategy for reconstruction.

We utilize a range of technologies to support complex recovery programs. These include data science and analysis for problem-solving and management reporting, grant and case management software for applicant data and funds, project management software and other cloud-based solutions.

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