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O’Brien’s Response Management is excited to be presenting at the 23rd Ballast Water Management Conference in Houston. The conference brings together vessel owners, managers and operators, as well as key regulators and authorities, Ballast Water Management System manufacturers, testing facilities and classification societies, for two days of informative presentations, engaging discussions and informal networking.

The 23rd edition of ACI’s Ballast Water Management Conference will be specifically aimed at the US shipping industry, addressing US Coast Guard enforcement, EPA permits, and providing advice on how US ship operators can navigate international waters without being in breach of regulations.

We are excited to have Kate Kelley, Director and subject matter expert presenting during the conference. Below is the presentation information:

Kate Kelly, Director, Vessel Resources

Presentation: Strategies for Compliance in US Waters

  • Considerations for operating under USCG requirements vs. International BWM requirements
  • Examples of current enforcement from USCG, and the potential for operational delays and penalties
  • Recommendations for staying compliant in US waters

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