Witt O’Brien’s is on high alert and stands ready to assist our clients throughout the Caribbean and Southeastern US who have already been affected by or are in the path of Hurricane Dorian.

Our response and recovery experts have been through this and have managed hundreds of disasters for state and local governments. Many of our experts have been in your shoes – serving in a government role where there responsibility was to ensure the community’s safety, help them recover quickly and minimize disruption to residents and businesses.

Our team has a “boots on the ground” mindset where we work as a partner, side by side, with our clients in various roles including Emergency Operations Center (EOC) support, staff augmentation, response and recovery expert advisors, debris management specialists, mitigation specialists, FEMA and HUD recovery program experts, and much more.

We’ve been working in the regions affected by Dorian – assisting with response and recovery efforts from recent storms including Hurricanes Irma, Maria, Harvey, Michael and Florence, as well as the majority of other major disasters over the last two decades.

We have already prepared and have all our internal systems, operations and people in place. Our 24/7 Command Center is on standby to take calls for disaster and emergency assistance and will ensure your calls get routed to the right people quickly. We have deployed staff to our staging areas and have begun outreach to our existing clients to help them with pre-landfall planning, staff augmentation, and immediate response needs. Our team is well positioned throughout the USVI, Florida and the Southeast U.S. to rapidly deploy response and recovery experts within hours.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of SEACOR Holdings, a globally recognized leader in transportation and  logistics, Witt O’Brien’s also brings a larger network of storm recovery support with the strength of SEACOR’s combined resources. Learn more about SEACOR’s family of companies.

A press release on our efforts can be found HERE.

Contact one of our response and recovery experts about helping with an emergency response and disaster recovery solution offering that best suits your needs.

Disaster Assistance Links:

If you should need immediate assistance and sheltering from the storm, reach out to the following government agencies and mutual aid organizations for help:


NOAA National Hurricane Center (NHC)

Google Crisis Map with Shelter Locations

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Red Cross 

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