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9th Annual Event Impact Management Study

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This year, Witt O’Brien’s is partnering with BC Management as the 9TH ANNUAL EVENT IMPACT MANAGEMENT STUDY official study sponsor. Why? Because our very own business continuity, crisis management and crisis communications practitioners have valued the insights and data coming out of this survey for years. These same practitioners have collaborated with BC Management to expand the question set more broadly across the resilience disciplines, adding in another level of granularity that other industry practitioners and leaders will find thought provoking. In addition, BC Management has been gathering data on resilience programs since 2001 to provide professionals with the information they need to elevate their programs. This falls directly in line with our mission. We believe it also aligns strongly to your goals. 

The study will assess not only the impacts of COVID-19, but how organizations prepare and respond to different crises. The findings will highlight activations during an event, impacts to the business and personnel, downtime experienced, and estimated financial loss by event. This study is comprehensive in reviewing over 30 potential events spanning different accidents, human/ business disasters, natural and technical incidents. This study will also evaluate lessons learned – what was successful and not successful – while activating the resiliency program during an event.

Participation will take approximately 20-30 minutes. Respondents will receive a complimentary Event Impact Management Report, which is an aggregate report highlighting the data findings. You will also be offered, within the study, to participate in a complimentary 30-minute consultation session with our seasoned and proven practitioners. Participation in the survey is completely confidential.

Who should participate?

  • Participants must be responsible for, or practitioners within, your organization’s resilience programs (business continuity, crisis management, crisis communications, emergency response, etc.).
  • Study accommodates entry-level staff to global leaders and executives.
  • If you provide consulting services, please feel free to take the study if you can represent the position of a single client.
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Why participate?

  • Only study participants will receive a complimentary copy of the study findings.
  • The data resulting from the expansion of this year’s questions, across the resilience disciplines, will provide a wealth of information that could inform how you continue to mature your programs.
  • The scope is world-wide, due to our extensive contacts and partnerships.
  • Completely confidential – your individual contact and company information is protected.
  • This year’s study builds upon data metrics and research BC Management has been conducting since 2001.
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