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Worldwide COVID-19 Government Restrictions Map

Witt O’Brien’s has developed this dashboard tracking government COVID-19 restrictions, worldwide. We are making it publicly available to support response efforts and back-to-office planning.

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Witt O'Brien's is continuously refreshing data on COVID-19 school closures, non-essential business closures, and shelter-in-place (stay-at-home, curfew, etc.) orders. Where possible, official government sources are used; all sources are cited. Government restrictions described in this dashboard are applicable to the entire area they represent, but localized restrictions within that area may be different. As the situation changes, users should consult specific source links provided for further guidance on allowable activities. Please be patient as we work diligently to gather updated official information for each country.

Hover your mouse over a geographic area for more information. Click on a geographical area to view the source link(s) for the data.

Thank you to:

Madeline Lee, Tableau, for assistance with the dashboard
Guy Gryspeerdt, for the idea
Ajay Ashok, for help setting up the database
Jonathan S. Miner JD, Ph.D, Professor of Political Science, University of North Georgia, for research assistance and data collection
Anderson Nakamura for research assistance and data collection

Witt O’Brien’s and its affiliates are not responsible for the accuracy of the information contained in this map and it should be used for purposes of guidance only. All information related to COVID-19 is in a constant state of flux and government websites are continually updated. While we make every effort to ensure the information contained is as current as possible, we recommend you visit cited websites directly to confirm all data.