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North Dakota Crude Oil Response Preparedness Report

ReportNorth Dakota has become one of the world's largest sources of crude oil. Incidents associated with the transport of this resource to refineries in terminals, both within North Dakota and elsewhere, has led to increased concern about safety. The North Dakota Department of Emergency Services engaged Witt O'Brien's to prepare this report.

North Dakota Department of Emergency Services released the North Dakota Crude Oil Response Preparedness Report (December 1, 2015). This report was developed by Witt O'Brien's as a tool to assist North Dakota's state, local, and tribal government departments in determining the status of current incident-response preparedness for crude oil transportation incidents across the state. The report includes assessments of three modes of crude oil transportation in North Dakota: pipeline, railroad, and roadway, with a focus on historic events, transportation routes, volumes, distance, and frequency. Results of the assessments then provided findings and recommendations to reduce risk and vulnerability through policy change, planning, training and education, communication, and additional resources.

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