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Debris Management Policy Expert

Charles Bryant, Disaster Recovery Specialist

Charles “Chuck” Bryant is a highly qualified Debris and Emergency Response Specialist. His 35 years of experience in emergency response services and 10 years of experience in debris monitoring and emergency management includes leading debris management operations in Louisiana, Georgia, New Jersey, and Texas.

Prior to joining Witt O'Brien's, he owned and operated C. Bryant, Inc., an emergency management-consulting firm. He performed various contracted emergency management response and recovery planning services and provided technical assistance for local, state, and federal governments. His primary areas of service were debris operations and planning; private property debris removal program development; project management and development; FEMA Public Assistance; hazard analysis and mitigation; Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) exercise design; and instructional and educational services.

Mr. Bryant is a national certified instructor for E202 National Debris Management Planning Course and an Advanced Level ICS Instructor – E449 ICS Curricula. He served on the course development team for the rewrite of the National Debris Course E202 in 2007 and 2012. Mr. Bryant also is a Senior Adjunct instructor for the National Emergency Response and Rescue Training Center, a division of Texas A&M University, for exercise design and facilitation of the Weapons of Mass Destruction Exercise Program and Hurricane Exercise Design.

Mr. Bryant is also retired Fire Chief for the City of Sulphur, Louisiana. He served 25 years at the fire department, during 18 of which he was Fire Chief and Emergency Manger. Mr. Bryant was responsible for overall management and coordination; organizational goals and objectives development; budget and staffing development; and emergency management and response coordination and development.

Sample Experience:

  • Georgia Severe Winter Storm Pax (DR-4165) - Provided technical assistance to Columbia County, Georgia, for development of FEMA Project Worksheets for Category A debris removal. Served as technical advisor for FEMA eligibility determinations, and provided contractor oversight of debris management site and monitoring operations.
  • State of New Jersey, Hurricane Sandy (DR-4086) - Served as a subject matter expert for debris operations, and worked as technical advisor to Governor’s Office of Recovery and Rebuilding. Provided assistance in development, management and operations for wet debris removal for New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, local applicant debris removal, Private Property Debris Removal, and Private Property Demolition Technical Advisor. Provided problem resolution assistance and coordination for Public Assistance Category A & B grant funding and as Liaison for State Agencies for Public Assistance Grant Funding and project development.
  • Louisiana Hurricanes Gustav and Ike (DR-1786/1791) - Responsible for overall coordination of debris operations for the State of Louisiana to include coordination of debris removal, identifying staffing and monitoring levels, establishing monitoring operations plan, project worksheet development and management, and environmental and historical guidance for all debris operations.