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Debris Management Operations Expert

Kevan Parker, Disaster Recovery Specialist

Kevan Parker is a disaster recovery specialist with more than 30 years of Emergency Management, FHWA-ER Program, and FEMA Public Assistance Program experience. In more than 10 years of working in disaster debris eligibility and oversight, Mr. Parker has documented the removal of several million cubic yards of debris, assisted in the reimbursement of more than $100 million in debris related costs. He has overseen the hiring, training, and deployment of more than 1000 employees and the associated equipment to accurately document and expedite the entire debris removal process. He also has 39 years of experience working in and for government agencies at the local, state, and federal levels.

Mr. Parker served as Senior Regional Project Manager on seven debris monitoring projects in Louisiana for Hurricane Isaac recovery efforts, and oversaw eight projects in New Jersey in response to Super Storm Sandy. During past activations, Mr. Parker has served as the Project Manager directly overseeing as many as 200 employees.

Mr. Parker previously worked as State Public Assistance Project Officer and Coordinator during several major disasters, including Hurricanes Opal, Erin, and Ivan. He also served on the Rapid Impact Assessment Team (RIAT) covering the State of Florida and adjoining states. He was part of a five-man team deployed to Mississippi and Louisiana during Hurricane Katrina to determine the needs of local governments and relay information back to the Emergency Operations Center in Florida for the deployment of personnel and assets.

He worked with the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (La DOTD), Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), and Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) as Debris Project Manager. Specifically as Project Manager on a TxDOT project, he managed bay cleanings, private property debris removal, monitoring of threatened and endangered species and demolition of facilities. He was also responsible for storm generated debris removal from a 2,000-acre state park, two miles of beach sand removal, 2 million cubic yards of sand removal from ditches and drainage canals (FHWA-ER), 6,000 feet of over five miles of revetment wall, removal of more than five hundred vehicles and vessels and dangerous tree and limb debris removal from public rights of way.

Sample Experience:

  • Severe Winter Storm (DR-4165, DR-4167) - Senior Regional Manager over the New Handover County, North Carolina, debris monitoring project and Project Manager over the Columbia County, Georgia, debris monitoring project.
  • Louisiana Hurricane Isaac (DR-4080)- Senior Project Manager over seven debris monitoring projects in Louisiana for Hurricane Isaac recovery efforts. Managed disaster debris monitoring and FEMA PA consulting for four Cities and Parishes.
  • New Jersey OEM Hurricane Sandy (DR-4086) - Senior Regional Manager oversaw eight projects, managing debris monitoring projects for Boroughs of Deal, Keansburg, Lavallette, Sea Bright, and Union Beach, Town of Holmdel, Neptune Township, and Ventnor City.
  • Massachusetts EMA Severe Storm (DR-4051) - In the aftermath of the Massachusetts Storms and Tornadoes, he worked as project manager with several debris projects in 20 cities and towns in western Massachusetts.