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Insurance Adjusting

Witt O’Brien’s Insurance Recovery experts represent policy holders in the wake of an insured event (fire, water, hurricane, tornado, flood, hail, and windstorm) to maximize the insurance settlement according to the terms and conditions of the insuring agreement.  Local governments have the knowledge and experience to maintain facilities and services to the public, but when a major loss occurs local government’s main concern should be to maintain operations and continue to provide the necessary services to the community, not learn the fundamentals of how to effectively handle an insurance claim.

Insurance companies utilize “company adjusters” and “independent adjusters” to minimize the financial impact. Witt O’Brien’s licensed “public adjusters” are an advocate for the client and maximize the insurance proceeds, on your behalf. Policy holders are at a major disadvantage when a loss occurs, since insurance companies utilize seasoned experts in the adjustment process. Our public adjusters, building estimators, contents estimators, and forensic accountants have the known experience to capitalize on all components of the insurance policy and bring you back to “pre-loss status”, in a shorter period of time.

Witt O’Brien’s Insurance Recovery Division staff has a proven record of effectively representing local governments, as an advocate for the policy holder. Many of our staff have previously worked for insurance companies and we understand the “in’s and out’s” of their thought process. Our experience combined with our public adjusting level of expertise allows us to represent the recovery process from a different perspective.

As licensed public adjusters, our position is to evaluate all components of the loss, in order to properly settle the claim. There are circumstances where insurance company adjusters lack the level of understanding to fully evaluate the loss or under reserve the amount of the loss, which adversely affects the payment of the claim. Local governments operate on fixed budgets and cannot expend additional monies to properly settle an insurance claim.

In circumstances were the damage is declared a FEMA Declaration and local governments are eligible for public assistance (PA), insurance coverage must be maximized to its fullest, in order to receive additional future funding. Witt O’Brien’s Insurance Recovery experts utilize first-party insurance coverage, so potential future funding is not jeopardized and will work with the insurance company to properly identify all components of the loss to avoid any insurance settlement shortfalls, in an expedited manner.