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Closeout and Audit Support Services

Obtaining grant funds from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and other federal agencies to help with your disaster response and recovery efforts is a major challenge. Keeping these funds through the close-out and audit process, however, can be extremely difficult as well and can expose you to substantial financial risk. Witt O’Brien’s has a proven track record of providing local governments with technical assistance to prepare for closeout, assisting you with complete documents and justifying your costs, maximizing the funding you receive, and resolving any outstanding issues to protect you from potential recoupment efforts. Witt O’Brien’s experts have played an integral role in nearly every significant disaster in the United States, including Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Gustav, Ike, and Sandy as well as the historic summer floods in the Midwest in 2008. Through these local government engagements, our professionals have helped with the closeout and audit of tens of thousands of federal grant awards in partnership with our clients, reviewing documentation and achieving financial reconciliation in order to resolve grant funding awards with respect to approved scopes of work.

Key Audit Support and Closeout Services

  • Strategic advice and guidance on closeout and audit issues, including recommendation of solutions to help maximize and retain all awarded funding
  • Closeout and audit technical assistance and training on processes and procedures
  • Identification and review of existing closeout procedures, policies, and protocols; grants management systems; and transaction controls to encourage use of best practices where appropriate and ensure compliance with federal requirements
  • Review of case files and requests for reimbursement to ensure proper documentation is present and to document compliance with the approved scope of work
  • Review of insurance coverages and the application of funds against eligible projects
  • Overall accounting and grants management services for grant programs
  • Documentation of compliance with federal and state laws (e.g., environmental requirements, historic preservation rules, etc.)
  • Review and evaluation of force- account labor claims in an effort to maximize reimbursement with respect to regular time, overtime and fringe benefit guidelines
  • Identify and monitor program and project status, and provide regular reports on findings
  • Conduct and document interim and final site inspections
  • Review and validation of cost overruns and any discrepancies in case file documentation
  • Final closeout documentation submission and support with State and federal agencies