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DebrisPro™ and Hand-Held Units

Witt O'Brien's automated debris management system- DebrisPro™ is a web-based program that allows employees and clients to access all the information and data collected for their project in one place. State and local governments can use DebrisPro™ to manage all of the information and data gathered to seek reimbursement from FEMA.

Witt O'Brien's provides clients with documents for all of the necessary information needed for FEMA reimbursement. DebrisPro™ is the tool we use to effectively complete that task. All of the information that is gathered in the field can be accessed in DebrisPro™.Everything from the contract, truck certifications, disposal management site information, street names, zones, and truck driver information. Storing everything in one place simply makes it easier and faster to access the information. Part of the DebrisPro™ package are hand-held Units used in the field to gather and collect the information. The hand-held units are tablets that are able to run DebrisPro™ Mobile. The hand-held units save time by having the ability to function as a camera, GPS unit, ticket creating tool, and having the ability to access all forms that field monitors will need. All of the information gathered from the hand-held units can be uploaded and synced to DebrisPro™. Since documentation is such a huge part of the service we offer and what we do in the recovery division it is very important to be able to create, store, and retrieve the information as quickly and efficiently as possible. Time is money to our clients. The faster and more efficiently we can get the work started and completed the more money we can save our clients. One of the ways we accomplish this is the system allows for less human error. All of the projects key information is pre-loaded and entered into the DebrisPro™database. This allows field monitors to select from pre filled out drop boxes. Before when tickets were hand written there was always a chance for mistakes, hand writing errors, or even losing the ticket. DebrisPro™ allows us to be able to eliminate the mistakes before they happen. As soon as the ticket is created it is saved and stored to the hand-held unit. All of the information that is stored and created can then easily be accessed by Witt O'Brien's employees and clients and turned into FEMA for reimbursement.

Witt O'Brien's was one of the first companies to realize the need for an automated debris management system. Witt O'Brien's designed DebrisPro™ to be user/client friendly. It is one of the things that makes DebrisPro™ stand out and separates it from its competitors. It has taken account for all of the information that is needed to effectively manage and run projects and store and access that information. Clients can then access all of that information from their very own web portal. The Client web portal will allow clients to gather the information in real time. It helps them to determine the daily cost, personnel being used, and work that has been completed daily. Then all of the information can be exported to an excel spreadsheet. This can help the client more effectively manage the project and that is what I believe sets us apart.

The difference between effectiveness on projects run without DebrisPro™ and those run with it could not be more different. DebrisPro™ adds real value to the process by helping project managers stay more organized and be more aware of daily operations. It allows them to work less with use fewer people to complete the project. This allows debris managers to save client time and money, helping the client resume normal operations faster after dealing with a disastrous event.