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Continuity of Operations/Government

Continuity of operations (COOP) planning and program review includes a review of all existing COOP program elements and documentation, and provides constructive feedback for program improvement based on the latest industry guidance and best practices. The COOP Plan development process ensures that the local entity is confident and prepared to weather any disruption. All plans, at a minimum, address the following elements of a viable continuity capability:

  • Continuity program management;
  • Continuity leadership and organization;
  • Essential functions;
  • Orders of succession;
  • Delegations of authority;
  • Continuity communications;
  • Alternate facilities/continuity facilities;
  • Vital records and databases;
  • Human resources; and
  • Testing, training, and exercise.

COOP planning and program review includes the identification, assessment, and qualification of known alternate facilities, while also identifying potential additional alternate facility stock based on the specific needs of the organization. In addition, the COOP planning process includes capabilities-based, objective-driven training, testing and exercise programs to test the developed COOP plans. The finding from these trainings and exercises will be used for the further development and enhancement of COOP plans and programs.

Enhanced continuity planning efforts utilize devolution and reconstitution strategies that require transition of roles and responsibilities throughout the response and recovery of a continuity event, ensuring your resilience when it matters most.

Comprehensive COOP planning and program development efforts provide for the protection of the health and safety of employees, guests, and visitors, increase property safety, and work to protect the company reputation. During emergency or disaster events, COOP plans and programs will ensure the continuity of the local entity’s mission essential functions to ensure that business functions will still continue. In addition, the continuity planning process will determine mitigation opportunities that would eliminate or reduce risks causing business disruption, ensure strong and effective leadership, and provide staff support for technical assistance. Continuity planning efforts will ensure that the local entity meets all regulatory and compliance mandates.

Witt O’Brien’s partners with your jurisdiction to ensure that essential functions can continue despite the cause, size, or duration of disruption, ensuring you resilience when it matters most. Witt O’Brien’s experts have a proven track record of developing, updating, and implementing high-quality continuity of operations/continuity of government programs and plans with partner jurisdictions across the country. Government provides numerous vital and essential services to the public, and our team is passionate about working with our partners to keep those critical systems running, despite the realistic threats and hazards to the organization. Not only do we focus on preparing the emergency management community to respond and recovery, our team also assists the entire jurisdiction (all the departments) with their continuity of essential functions during the emergency.

Our approach recognizes that the jurisdiction’s resilience not only depends on its response functions, but also ensuring its personnel understand and commit to their personal role in staying safe, protecting their family, and being ready to conduct their essential business functions despite the disrupting emergency or disaster. Our success lies in developing plans and a planning processes that not only prepare for continuity, but often play a supportive role in enhancing day-to-day efficiencies in procedures. Our team develops continuity plans designed to work seamlessly with the coordination and command structures of the emergency management programs to give our clients a fully integrated approach to continuity and emergency management, and will ensure that the local entity meets all required federal guidance and regulations. We pride ourselves on offering each client unique solutions that meet their individual needs through multi-disciplined planning efforts that address the entire organization comprehensively.