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Training Experts

Matt Stanley, Senior Emergency Management Consultant and Hazard Mitigation Lead

Since 1998, Matt Stanley has been conducting training and public safety instruction for local and state governments, fire, emergency management, emergency medical, and law enforcement professionals. He worked with FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute to redevelop their Public Information Officer curriculum, and has served as a full time training instructor for the Georgia State Public Safety Training Center where he taught various fire service programs including fire ground operations, technical rescue, hazardous materials awareness and operations, and fire prevention programs including public information, public safety education, and fire inspection. Mr. Stanley has provided EOC training in advance of full-scale, functional, and table-top exercises, and has delivered workshops and courses for the National Hurricane Conference, International Association of Emergency Managers Conference, and the National Information Officers Association Conference. As a professional trainer, Mr. Stanley has delivered courses to more than 50,000 industry professionals.

Sample Experience:

  • California State University EOC Training
  • National Capital Region “Park Plex” – Hospital Training and Exercise
  • University of Florida Tabletop Exercise
  • State of Hawaii Department of Health Training and Exercise

Frank Castro-Wehr, Preparedness Project Manager

Frank Castro-Wehr has led numerous training events around the country. He has developed and provided training on the Executive’s Role in the Emergency Operations Center (EOC), the role of the EOC Section Chiefs, and EOC operations. He provided training to the exercise design team and to exercise participants regarding exercise design, conduct, and evaluation. Mr. Castro-Wehr supported a local jurisdiction’s EMS where he led a team that conducted a certified hospital training program (certified by Louisiana State University’s Academy of Counterterrorism Training), all of which were Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMS) and National Incident Management System (NIMS) compliant. The training included response to mass casualty events, triage, decontamination, and field management. In addition, Mr. Castro-Wehr has provided hazardous materials awareness and operations training to emergency response teams, California Conservation Corp, hospital staff, and students, and has provided regulations training at various conferences.

Sample Experience:

  • County and City of Sacramento EOC Training and Exercises
  • Solano County EOC Training
  • California Conservation Corp Hazardous Materials Training