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Training services are based on the five phases of emergency management: prevention, protection, mitigation, response, and recovery, and are developed based on the needs and unique circumstances of the local government entities and their respective emergency management organizations. Information, procedures, and protocols regarding local emergency management operations are presented in a manageable and easily understood format, allowing all involved personnel to learn from the training, regardless of their previous level of emergency management experience.

Training services can range from a wide variety of emergency management and response topics, including but not limited to an overview of emergency management, an overview of the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and Incident Command System (ICS), overview of the information included in the local Emergency Operations Plan (EOP), management of operations within the Emergency Operations Center, and other topics that are specific to the needs of the local government entity.

As a local entity and representative of emergency management operations, all local governments are required to operate under the guidelines and regulations as established by the National Response Framework (NRF), including the utilization and implementation of NIMS and ICS. Training provided on these operational and organizational systems provides a standardized approach to emergency management and response operations, allowing local entities to work seamlessly with other local, state, and federal entities, and other external partners. This standardized operational system supports the foundation of the most effective and efficient emergency management and response operations at the local level.

In addition, training services can be provided that expand upon the NRF foundation, and are developed to address the specific needs of the local government entity. Training objectives will focus on areas that need additional development or improvement, and will result in findings and recommendations for the enhancement of the local emergency management program.

Having worked with a countless number of local government entities across the nation, Witt O’Brien’s and its subject matter experts are uniquely qualified to assist local government entities with emergency preparedness training efforts. Our team is well equipped to bring together and engage the multiple stakeholders required for all types of training efforts, while simultaneously facilitating the development of internal capability. The additional attention given to developing internal capabilities allows our clients to maintain and emergency management training program for years to come.

Witt O’Brien’s has worked with local emergency management entities for a variety of training sessions, always developing and facilitating the sessions that meet the individual needs and challenges of each local jurisdiction. Trainings are developed based on the unique circumstances of the area, and focus on the threats and scenarios that are most applicable to the client. Through our continuous effort to meet the needs of our clients, Witt O’Brien’s has developed long-standing relationships with several local entities, and we continue to assist in enhancing their respective levels of preparedness and resiliency.

Our approach is to provide training to jurisdiction’s teams on emergency plans and procedures, using not only national best practices, but actual jurisdiction tools and plans that will be needed at the time of emergency. This means we develop every training to be unique to the particular jurisdiction. We specialize in trainings that are interactive and introduce exercise-like activities that allow trainees to really feel and experience the material they need to use. We relate our success in training to the client’s successfully ability to actual activate and respond to the emergencies that are likely to face.

Through numerous long-standing relationships with our clients, Witt O’Brien’s has been able to witness firsthand the result of successful training efforts in the improvement and enhancement of local government emergency management and response organizations. We have worked with our clients over the years to develop and facilitate training sessions to meet their specific needs, and as a result we have seen them implement recommendations for improvement, and successfully manage real-life incidents and become leading examples of emergency management and response best practices within their communities.