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Exercise Experts

Frank Castro-Wehr, Preparedness Project Manager

As a component of plan development and implementation, Frank Castro-Wehr has planned, directed, written and/or managed numerous workshops, tabletops, functional exercises, and full-scale exercises that have involved local, state, and federal agencies, as well as private industry, and relating to hazardous materials releases, agricultural incidents, pandemic, intentional events, floods, and other natural disasters. He has supported numerous bi-national hazmat and counter-terror exercises at the US-Mexico border, and has worked with US and Mexican agencies during exercise design and conduct. He has conducted tabletops for command staff at hospitals and for local Emergency Medical Services (EMS) officials, led county-wide full-scale health system related exercises dealing with hospital surge, and supported Public Health with their exercise design. He also designed, controlled, or evaluated exercises that supported public-private response cooperation to refinery, facility, and transportation related releases. He is certified in the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP).

Sample Experience:

  • City and County of Sacramento EOC Exercises
  • Ventura County – Operation Ventura Ready 2014
  • Orange County Transportation Authority Exercises

Robert Ricker, Preparedness Program Manager

Robert Ricker is Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) certified, and his exercise experience with Witt O’Brien’s includes serving as the designer and facilitator for the following: Middlesex County, NJ COOP tabletop exercise, Mercer County, NJ COOP tabletop exercise, Business Continuity tabletop exercise, Chester Water Authority, tabletop and functional exercise, Montgomery County, NY Terrorism and COOP tabletop exercise, Ocean County NJ Functional Communications Exercise, Middlesex County NJ Communications Tabletop and Functional Exercises and Niagara County NY Terrorism tabletop exercise. Mr. Ricker also assisted in the design of the North Central Pennsylvania Task Force Multi-Agency Coordination functional exercise and the Hudson County Super Bowl Terrorism tabletop exercise. Mr. Ricker was the lead for developing and conducting a tabletop exercise for the Regional Catastrophic Planning Grant for the Boston UASI project which included the states of New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and the Providence UASI area as it related to multiple Improvised Explosive Devices (IED), Cyber Disruption and testing of the Regional Catastrophic Coordination Plan.

Mr. Ricker designed 36 mini-tabletop exercises for the Northern New Jersey UASI EOP Project.

Sample Experience:

  • Chester Water Authority Tabletop and Functional Exercises
  • Niagara County Tabletop Exercise
  • North Central Pennsylvania Regional Exercise
  • Montgomery County Tabletop Exercise

Suzanne Blake, CEM, Senior Emergency Management Consultant

Suzanne Blake promotes the value of conducting emergency drills and exercises with all of her clients. Certified in the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP), Ms. Blake has designed, facilitated, and conducted over 20 major exercises using a wide variety of scenarios and has participated in the development of countless others. She practices an all-hazards, NIMS compliant, and federally standardized approach when developing exercises, while still ensuring that each exercise and associated scenario is unique and meets the needs of the respective client. She has worked extensively with all of her clients to ensure successful improvement planning using lessons learned from exercises as a guide to enhance, streamline, and improve their emergency management programs.

Sample Experience:

  • East Carolina University Stadium Evacuation Drill and Exercise
  • Ventura County – Operation Ventura Ready 2014
  • California State University System – EOC Exercises