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Emergency Planning Experts

Frank Castro-Wehr, Preparedness Project Manager

Frank Castro-Wehr has developed action guides, relocation maps, and Emergency Operations Plans (EOP) and continuity of operations plans (COOP) and tools to support clients in addition to developing department specific annexes. He has also supported the creation of multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional geographic area response plans to oil and hazardous materials releases, as well as local area all-hazards National Incident Management System (NIMS)-compliant plans.

Mr. Castro-Wehr has worked in collaboration with key public, private, and non-profit sector clients to develop user-friendly and effective emergency plans that focus on management and operational procedures in response to various hazards. With Witt O’Brien’s, he has developed plans in support of EOP management, evacuation response, public sheltering, medically fragile sheltering, hospital evacuation coordination, agricultural incidents, food contamination incidents, and Improvised Explosive Device (IED) incidents. In all cases, the plans were developed in close collaboration with end users, which aligned plan protocols with the entities’ current systems and served as informal initial training on emergency management protocols as they pertained to the client.

Sample Experience:

  • Solano County EOP and Annex Development
  • Los Angeles County Earthquake Annex
  • Yurok Tribe CBRNE Response Plan
  • City and County of Sacramento Evacuation Plan

Matt Stanley, Senior Emergency Management Consultant and Hazard Mitigation Lead

Matt Stanley provides consulting and development of preparedness and operations plans to local and state emergency management organizations. His experience includes managing and supporting the development of Hazard Mitigation Plans, Emergency Operations Plans, Disaster Recovery Plans, Continuity of Operations Plans, various incident, support, and emergency support function plans, as well as conducting program studies and reviews. He has more than 17 years of public safety and emergency management experience that includes state and federal organizations, large urban environments, and rural communities with a focus on prevention, preparedness, and resiliency through comprehensive mitigation and response planning.

Sample Experience:

  • Anaheim Transportation Network EOP Review and Assessment
  • Miami-Dade County, Florida
  • Niagara County, New York
  • San Miguel County, New Mexico