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Data Analysis/GIS

Witt O’Brien’s provides a full suite of data analysis and GIS services related to oil spill contingency planning, response, and recovery, as well as provides GIS support on a variety of natural disaster events. Witt O’Brien’s has provided GIS support on a variety of manmade and natural disaster scenarios and major crisis events including the Haitian earthquake, Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, tornados, and ice storms.

Key data/GIS services include:

Contingency Planning

  • Oil spill trajectories based on worst case discharge estimates (both subsurface (3D) and surface) and evaluations (domestic and international)
  • Shoreline characterization/ESI development (NOAA and IPIECA standards)
  • Tactical plan development
  • Environmental/impact analysis for contingency planning (onshore and offshore)
  • Research and development of customized environmental databases deployable as web-based services
  • GIS support for the preparation and conduct of oil spill drills and exercises (COP/trajectory)
  • Cartographic support for the development of facility response plans; regional response plans; spill prevention, control, and countermeasure plans; oil spill response plans; stormwater pollution prevention plans; etc.
  • Environmental sensitivity mapping
  • Development of web-based applications to support responders
  • Custom wall maps


  • Manage Common Operating Platform™ during events
  • Management and retention of spill-related spatial data
  • Real-time oil spill trajectories


  • Spatial monitoring of recovery progress
  • Capture of post-spill environmental impact analysis
  • Cartographic support to legal
  • After-action report support


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