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Public Assistance

Building back. After a disaster or incident occurs, it becomes one of your highest priorities, but the complexities of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) Public Assistance (PA) program, public expectations for recovery, and the ongoing pressures of normal operations, make reconstruction a challenge. To be successful, you need to be able to avoid common recovery pitfalls and maximize the resources available for your recovery efforts from both insurance and FEMA so you can achieve your objectives.

Witt O’Brien’s brings unmatched experience, qualifications, corporate resources and management skills to the task at hand. Our team brings comprehensive knowledge of the PA program, along with an understanding of how its rules and regulations have been applied nationwide, in order to maximize funding and resolve problems that can delay recovery. Since 2001, Witt O’Brien’s has helped its clients manage more than $25 billion in PA funding in the wake of some of the largest and most complex disasters in U.S. history.

Key public assistance services include:

  • Augmenting your staff with qualified recovery experts
  • Providing complete guidance with damage description, assessment, design, scopes of work and cost schedules
  • Helping you understand and apply PA program eligibility criteria to maximize your grant awards
  • Debris program management
  • Establishing documentation requirements and a documentation management system to permit federal and state cost reimbursements
  • Identifying and justifying hazard mitigation funding as part of repairs (known as “406 mitigation”) to increase grant awards and reduce the risk of similar damage again in the future
  • Assistance with balancing FEMA eligibility with insurance claims resolution in order to maximize reimbursements under both funding sources
  • Oversight of project claims processing and reporting
  • Issue resolution with FEMA and other key stakeholders, and if necessary, the preparation and justification of effective appeals