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Debris Management

Debris operations can be the single most costly task associated with a disaster. Developing a debris management plan is a vital step for state and local governments to ensure the efficient implementation of debris operations and maximize reimbursement for a federally declared disaster.

Witt O’Brien’s electronic debris management solution, DebrisPro™, is a secure, web-enabled system supported across multiple devices. It integrates the best of the breed technology, tools, server infrastructure, handheld devices and a web portal to simplify the basic tasks of managing debris monitoring and removal, contracts management, and office operations. DebrisPro™, provides an effective way to capture field operations and synchronize information to the central server over the internet. This allows leadership teams to view reports, charts, and summaries relevant to their level of authority through a web portal.

Key debris management services include:

  • Development of a FEMA-approved debris management plan
  • Identification and permitting of temporary debris storage and reduction sites
  • Management of large-scale debris removal operations
  • Facilitation/coordination with key state and federal agencies to ensure plan compliancy and coordination
  • Management of private property debris removal (PDR)/demolition planning operations
  • Quality assurance and control programs
  • Technology solution – DebrisPro™