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Simplify managing debris monitoring, removal, contracts, and operations.

Witt O'Brien's electronic debris management solution is a securely hosted, multi-device supported, web-enabled system. It integrates the best of the breed technology, tools, server infrastructure, hand-held devices, and a web portal to simplify the basic tasks of managing debris monitoring and removal, contracts management, and office operations. DebrisPro™ provides a distributed as well as a central database-driven platform to create different rosters, manage contracts and contractors, load tickets, and deliver business results in a timely, productive, and customizable manner.

DebrisPro™ effectively captures field operations and synchronizes information to the central server over the internet. This allows leadership teams to view reports, charts, and summaries relevant to their level of authority through a web portal.

DebrisPro™ is designed for:

  • Automated ticket collection, scanning, tracking, invoicing, and reporting capabilities
  • Categorized and organized debris documentation with secure storage
  • Cross-checking original ticket information against contractor data
  • Audit and reconciliation of hauler invoices
  • Tracking of debris operations using GIS and other mapping technologies
  • Electronic ticket generation at each location and instance
  • On-site ticket scanning via 2D bar code technology via hand-held devices
  • Capture and display of real time information from the site of origination
  • Simplified data entry flows to guide operation of technology for debris collection activities
  • Financial tools to identify missing contracts or rate lists
  • Generation of daily rosters to identify monitoring costs
  • Web-based reporting
  • Providing comparison strategies like percentage monitoring cost and graphical representation of data