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The Power of a Communications Platform

PIERPro offers a secure, enterprise-wide cloud-based communications platform which provides flexible solutions for handling internal and external communications, making it easier to deliver messages, streamline processes, automate tasks, and prevent inaccuracies during routine events, minor incidents, and major catastrophes.

Remote Accessible Cloud Infrastructure

PIERPro is a comprehensive, cloud-based communications platform that serves as a virtual mass communications center, or for communications efforts, a Joint Information Center. PIERPro provides flexible solutions for handling internal and external communications, streamlines communications processes, automates tasks, and prevents misinformation.

Redundant and Reliable

The PIERPro platform accelerates the pace of communications teams’ response activities. It enables teams to be strategic and proactive. When communications works well, everyone in the organizations benefits. The PIERPro infrastructure encompasses geographically dispersed data centers that are monitored 24/7 with proactive event alerting. Designed as a cloud-based solution, PIERPro provides a 99.99% service level.

Key benefits:

  • PIERPro is a powerful tool for everyday communications. The ability to communicate seamlessly via a wide range of integrated tools allows for better facilitation of all types of communications.
  • One single message can be distributed through multiple channels with one operation. Messages can be sent via email, SMS text message, automated text-to-voice phone message, and RSS feeds.
  • PIERPro supports Joint Information Center (JIC) operations, enabling remote teams to work effectively together with full access to contacts, response information, situation status, inquiry management, and distribution methods from any location with internet access.
  • Fully integrated system with tools for contact management, content creation and distribution, inquiry management, and social media engagement.

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