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Witt O’Brien’s is here to help you recover from Hurricane Harvey.

Disaster recovery is highly complex, often taking months or years to implement and taxing existing staffing and resources. Witt O'Brien's helps you and your stakeholders organize and plan for recovery. Our team of experts understands what can be expected from and leverage resources from government sources (federal, state, and local), NGOs, and the private sector to achieve results and maximize opportunities.

Our team brings personnel with extensive experience managing disaster recovery programs and efforts both domestically and internationally, and are ready to help you manage recovery in an efficient, effective, and timely manner. You'll be better able to oversee work effort and documentation to maximize reimbursements, support project claims processing, facilitate project reporting, and effectively support appeals and audits.

For long-term recovery projects and continuity solutions, our team can assist you in coordinating the complex array of federal and state programs to address complex disaster recovery issues such as housing restoration, business and economic redevelopment, infrastructure, social services, risk reduction, communications, and public involvement challenges. And we can draw upon our team's expertise to help you design and implement innovative recovery programs to meet the needs of your organization, its stakeholders, and/or employees.