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Providing Innovative Solutions for Today’s Challenging Healthcare Environment

The overarching goal of healthcare preparedness is to manage the health and medical services for a diverse community across the nation. During a disaster, the healthcare system must be able to function even if the loss of critical infrastructure occurs. With extensive experience in preparedness and response across a vast array of crises, Witt O’Brien’s takes an all-hazards approach to preparing the healthcare system for common medical disasters and catastrophic events.

Witt O’Brien’s healthcare sector services address the many constraints and obstacles the healthcare system faces when meeting the needs of the public. Our comprehensive services and solutions take into account the unique stakeholder environment of the healthcare system, including hospitals, public health departments, emergency medical services, non-hospital healthcare facilities (nursing homes, dialysis centers, outpatient surgical centers), and the private sector (direct service providers, home health agencies). From responder health and safety to mass-casualty surge flow to pandemic planning, Witt O’Brien’s stands ready to support the healthcare system and its stakeholders.


ePlanPro® provides a comprehensive and quality controlled option to today’s complex planning and recordkeeping requirements. Designed by the industry’s most respected preparedness, compliance, and response professionals, and built by our dedicated staff of exclusive experienced developers, this software combines decades of experience using the latest technology to provide this state-of-the-art solution.

Witt O’Brien’s provides processes and procedures that serve as basic guidance for an all-hazards approach in responding to public health or mass casualty incidents. It is applicable to any type of incident with actual or anticipated casualty and/or fatality numbers or types that challenge the regular medical infrastructure of a jurisdiction. To establish a strategy that provides the best possible care for the largest number of citizens impacted by an incident; prudently utilize resources when the possibility of recovery and self-sufficiency is high; ensure the continuation of essential services to the traditional population, rapid and appropriate response activation, optimal situational care for victims, clearly understood command and control structures, clearly understood communication mechanisms, clearly defined roles for all staff and partner organizations, appropriate preparation and training, and transitions back to normal operations with minimal disruption.

Since 2003, Witt O’Brien’s has supported the development of public health and medical preparedness, response, and recovery capabilities across the nation. Be it a statewide full-scale infectious disease exercise, pandemic plans, continuity of operations plans, hospital coalition building, outbreak response staffing, post-storm hospital recovery, or position-specific Strategic National Stockpile training, we have the expertise to provide quality, flexible, and cost-effective solutions. Our full-time public health and medical preparedness consultants can leverage nation-wide best practices, while drawing from years of prior expertise working within the public health and medical sectors. Supporting this team is a robust network of part-time subject matter experts with an impressive diversity and depth of knowledge and experience. If you have a public health or medical preparedness need, we have an answer.

Witt O’Brien’s designs, develops, conducts, and evaluates exercises based on realistic scenarios that test a variety of plans, including emergency management plans, standard operating procedures and required regulatory and accreditation guidelines such as the Joint Commission.


CommandPro® was developed by the world’s most experienced and knowledgeable emergency preparedness teams. The software is most noted for its universal access and complete integration. This affords organizations the ability to respond faster and with greater resource control.

When time matters most, clients rely on Witt O’Brien’s experienced qualified individuals and watch standers. Located in Slidell, Louisiana, our 24/7/365 Command Center is operated by trained responders and is the first call for the majority of our clients.


PIERPro offers a secure, enterprise-wide cloud-based communications platform which provides flexible solutions for handling internal and external communications, making it easier to deliver messages, streamline processes, automate tasks, and prevent inaccuracies during routine events, minor incidents, and major catastrophes.


Obtaining grant funds from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and other federal agencies to help with your disaster response and recovery efforts is a major challenge. Keeping these funds through the close-out and audit process, however, can be extremely difficult as well and can expose you to substantial financial risk. Witt O’Brien’s has a proven track record of providing healthcare systems and facilities with the technical assistance to prepare for closeout, assisting you with fully documenting and justifying your costs, maximizing the funding you receive, and resolving any outstanding issues to protect you from potential recoupment efforts.

Witt O’Brien’s is a nationally recognized leader in assisting healthcare organizations manage disaster recovery, navigating the FEMA Public Assistance and Hazard Mitigation Grant Programs, and providing expert staffing support to address immediate needs and maximize recovery funding.