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Local Government

Unmatched Experience in Assisting Local Governments Prepare for, Respond to, and Recover from Incidents and Crises of Any Kind

Witt O’Brien’s is a nationally recognized leader in assisting county and local governments navigate Hazard Mitigation Grant Programs, FEMA Public Assistance and manage disaster recovery by providing expert staffing support to address immediate needs and maximize recovery funding. When disaster strikes, the immediate restoration of services to affected residents is foremost, and residents must have confidence in the community's ability to continue to deliver services. Accomplishing this requires preparation the identification of damages, establishment of temporary facilities and the restoration and mitigation of facilities. Paying for it takes the kind of expert understanding of federal disaster recovery programs that Witt O’Brien’s provides its local government clients. 


ePlanPro® provides a comprehensive and quality controlled option to today’s complex planning and recordkeeping requirements. Designed by the industry’s most respected preparedness, compliance, and response professionals, and built by our dedicated staff of exclusive experienced developers, this software combines decades of experience using the latest technology to provide this state-of-the-art solution.

Witt O'Brien's approach recognizes that the jurisdiction's resilience not only depends on its response functions, but also ensuring its personnel understand and commit to their personal role in staying safe, protecting their family, and being ready to conduct their essential business functions despite the disrupting emergency or disaster. Our success lies in developing plans and a planning processes that not only prepare for continuity, but often play a supportive role in enhancing day-to-day efficiencies in procedures. Our team develops continuity plans designed to work seamlessly with the coordination and command structures of the emergency management programs to give our clients a fully integrated approach to continuity and emergency management, and will ensure that the local entity meets all required federal guidance and regulations. We pride ourselves on offering each client unique solutions that meet their individual needs through multi-disciplined planning efforts that address the entire organization comprehensively.

Over our years of experience, Witt O'Brien's has worked with local jurisdictions across the country. We have developed long-standing relationships, working with our clients on the initial development of their plans, and continuing to work with them as they update their plans, and utilize their plans during actual response operations. Witt O’Brien’s has witnessed our clients implement their emergency management and response plans to successfully manage real-life incidents. In many cases, we have been requested to return for additional work, constantly improving on the currently developed plan, and providing a strong foundation of emergency management for years to come.

Witt O’Brien’s has extensive experience in design, implementation, facilitation, evaluation, and control of all aspects of exercises for emergency management programs for local entities and jurisdictions across the nation. Our team works hand in hand with our clients to evaluate the unique and specific hazards that threaten the local community, evaluate the current emergency management organization, and develop an exercise that will specifically address their needs.

Through numerous long-standing relationships with our clients, Witt O'Brien's has been able to witness firsthand the result of successful training efforts in the improvement and enhancement of local government emergency management and response organizations. We have worked with our clients over the years to develop and facilitate training sessions to meet their specific needs, and as a result we have seen them implement recommendations for improvement, and successfully manage real-life incidents and become leading examples of emergency management and response best practices within their communities.


CommandPro® was developed by the world’s most experienced and knowledgeable emergency preparedness teams. The software is most noted for its universal access and complete integration. This affords organizations the ability to respond faster and with greater resource control.

On a daily basis, emergency incidents and planned activities are continuous and ongoing. Maintaining situational awareness of events and activities can be challenging and time consuming. Witt O’Brien’s Common Operating Platform™ (COP) enables current situational awareness with access to information and real-time data through the medium of a dynamic map for use by emergency management personnel and other authorized officials. If an incident evolves into an extended emergency, Witt O’Brien’s COP scales and provides a complete Incident Command System (ICS) module with all of the appropriate ICS forms and maps to develop a standard Incident Action Plan (IAP).

Debris operations can be the single most costly task associated with a disaster. Developing a debris management plan is a vital step for state and local governments to ensure the efficient implementation of debris operations and maximizing of reimbursement for a federally declared disaster. Witt O’Brien’s has a proven record of successfully completing numerous large and complex debris removal and disposal monitoring projects. We work with local government and counties on debris monitoring, removal, and management for pre- and post-event planning projects. 

We have worked with government and industrial response teams at the local, state, federal, and international levels and are well-versed proponents of National Incident Management System (NIMS) Incident Command System (ICS) for response. Witt O’Brien’s leverages extensive knowledge of FEMA and other federal agencies and state emergency management programs to make sure your response operations are properly documented. This provides accountability, maximizes your ability to obtain reimbursement for potentially eligible costs, and facilitates the transition from response operations to recovery implementation. 


PIERPro offers a secure, enterprise-wide cloud-based communications platform which provides flexible solutions for handling internal and external communications, making it easier to deliver messages, streamline processes, automate tasks, and prevent inaccuracies during routine events, minor incidents, and major catastrophes.


DebrisPro is a web-based program that allows employees and clients to access all the information and data collected for their project in one place. State and local governments can use DebrisPro™ to manage all of the information and data gathered to seek reimbursement from FEMA.

Obtaining grant funds from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and other federal agencies to help with your disaster response and recovery efforts is a major challenge. Keeping these funds through the close-out and audit process, however, can be extremely difficult as well and can expose you to substantial financial risk. Witt O’Brien’s has a proven track record of providing with the tocal governments technical assistance to prepare for closeout, assisting you with fully documenting and justifying your costs, maximizing the funding you receive, and resolving any outstanding issues to protect you from potential recoupment efforts.

Disasters often prompt Congress to authorize Community Development Block Grant-Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) funds to assist impacted communities and states with costs and projects that cannot be funded through other, readily available means. Witt O’Brien’s approach to the implementation of the CDBG-DR program involves engaging at both state and community levels as early as possible in order to identify both opportunities and potential problems, as well as encourage participation at the local level according to state priorities as defined in the state’s CDBG-DR Administrative Plan.

Witt O’Brien’s debris management specialists have monitored and documented the removal of over 25 million cubic yards of debris generated by hurricanes, tornadoes and ice storms throughout the United States, with the consistent goal of expediting recovery, mitigating risks to public health and safety and maximizing reimbursements through strict compliance with federal guidelines. Our teams of FEMA program, disaster recovery, and debris management professionals are prepared to rapidly mobilize to disaster scenes in support of government clients anywhere in the nation to provide the following services and more.

Witt O’Brien’s has the most experienced and tested hazard mitigation assistance team in the United States. We have developed hundreds of hazard mitigation plans (HMP) and have helped secure, manage, and implement over $3.5 billion in Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) funds since 2001, including the single largest HMGP allocation in United States history. From our inception, Witt O’Brien’s has provided top-notch hazard mitigation assistance services to our local government clients. This assistance has taken a wide variety of forms: program management, provision of direct technical assistance, providing support for the preparation of local mitigation plans and local mitigation strategies, assisting with the establishment of program priorities and the identification of projects, providing benefit-cost analysis (BCA) support, supporting environmental and historic preservation reviews, advocacy, and supporting project monitoring, documentation management, inspection, closeout, and audit. Our excellence in hazard mitigation services comes to us through our founder, James Lee Witt, who while Director of FEMA, established many of the programs and guiding principles FEMA still uses to this day.

Witt O’Brien’s Insurance Recovery Division represents policy holders in the wake of an insured event (fire, water, hurricane, tornado, flood, hail, and windstorm) to maximize the insurance settlement according to the terms and conditions of the insuring agreement.

Witt O’Brien’s is a nationally recognized leader in assisting local government manage disaster recovery, navigating the FEMA Public Assistance and Hazard Mitigation Grant Programs, and providing expert staffing support to address immediate needs and maximize recovery funding. With Witt O'Brien's extensive experience working with local government, we understand the issues at the local and national levels, participating in the discussions, trainings and exercises to help local government prepare, and helps deliver solutions and results. When disaster strikes, the immediate restoration of service to affected residents is foremost, and residents must have confidence in the system and its ability to continue to deliver local governmental services. Accomplishing this requires the identification of damages, establishment of temporary facilities and the restoration and mitigation of facilities, paying for it takes the kind of expert understanding of federal disaster recovery programs that Witt O’Brien’s provides its local government clients.