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When it's time to act, don't simply react.

No commercial organization responds to more events than Witt O'Brien's. We provide our clients with a full suite of disaster response services to help make emergency management more efficient and effective. Our team of disaster response experts can provide staff to augment existing organizations or provide turn-key response capability, depending on individual circumstances or needs.

Witt O'Brien's disaster response experts can be rapidly mobilized and arrive on-site fully trained and compliant with the Incident Command System (ICS), allowing them to integrate seamlessly into your existing organization. We bring expertise to help you support any and all needs you may have, from the provision of qualified and experienced personnel to help you solve your operations-related problems, to supporting organizational improvement and process analytics, tracking and managing documentation for reimbursement, and providing strategic advice and guidance for decision makers. Our incident management and disaster response teams have been involved in some of the largest, most complex disaster responses in history and have worked with all levels of government and private sector partners.

Our staff can also leverage their extensive knowledge of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), other federal agencies, and state disaster programs to ensure that your response operations are properly documented to maintain accountability, and to maximize the ability to both government and certain private entities to obtain reimbursement for eligible costs in the event of a federal disaster or emergency declaration. Witt O'Brien's extensive experience with disaster recovery also ensures that our experts can facilitate transition from disaster response operations to recovery implementation.

For shipping companies trading to the U.S., Witt O'Brien's is your partner in compliance, helping you meet the many regulatory requirements imposed on vessels trading in U.S. waters. Our vessel services are designed to facilitate a trouble-free first port call to U.S. waters and every port call thereafter.