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Streamline your command and control processes during an incident.

CommandPro® was developed by the world's most experienced and knowledgeable emergency preparedness teams. The software is most noted for its universal access and complete integration. This affords organizations the ability to respond faster to a disaster with greater resource control.

Web-based Incident Management System

CommandPro® is a web-based incident management software that streamlines command and control processes. The system automates the generation of National Incident Management System (NIMS)-compliant documentation in support of Incident Command System (ICS) compliance, and provides an automated ICS teaching tool that facilitates drill planning and exercise documentation.

Incident Command Structure

CommandPro® enables creation of the incident organization structure. This tool provides clients the capability to add names and contact information. When changes have been identified to a defined command structure, it is easy to reflect such changes and make it available geographically.

Key features of CommandPro® include:

  • Automated 201 and other incident briefing forms
  • Enhanced organizational chart wizard
  • Incident summary dashboard
  • Incident tracking – new and historical
  • Planning “P” interface
  • Incident Action Plan
  • Resource tracking
  • Virtual status board
  • Incident wall
  • Document management tools
  • GIS integration